Damp Proofing


Benefits You Can Expect From Acquiring Damp Proofing Services

These days, a lot of homeowners are starting to acknowledge the importance of damp proofing for themselves and their living spaces. With this method, physical or structural problems like dampness or mould build-up can be eradicated before they cause bigger issues. This is not just helpful in protecting your home from damages but also ensure that it’s a safe space for you to live in.

Just in case you are still hesitating if acquiring a damp proofing London service will be worth your time and money, read the following paragraphs. Below are some of the great benefits of doing so.

Keep your home mould and mildew free

Mould, mildew, and bacteria growth in wet, damp walls, floors, or ceilings are definite triggers for people suffering from asthma, bronchitis, or other lung and breathing issues. Damp proofing ensures that your walls resist this moisture hazard so that your family can stay safe and healthy, breathing freely. When condensation builds up inside your walls or water is allowed to sit without sufficient ventilation, mildew and bacteria begin to grow. So if you want to get rid of this issue once and for all, acquiring a damp proofing service is the best option.

Prevent health issues

Perhaps the most important advantage of damp proofing your home is to prevent health issues that can occur from being in a damp property. Mould and mildew forms and thrives in damp conditions and the last thing that you will want is mould in your home. Some of the health problems linked to mould and damp include eye and throat irritation, coughing, wheezing, and headaches. Damp proofing walls will eliminate the above potential health issues and ensure that you and your family remain healthy.

Prevent structural problems in the property

A more serious issue that can be caused by damp is structural damage to your property. Remember that severe damp conditions can lead to structural damage to your home. Wet rot occurs when a fungus makes timber damp or wet. This wet rot fungus makes the wood feel spongy and mushy as it breaks the wood down into fibres, causing it to collapse and crumble away. Wet rot can also rot and fester in carpets, wallpapers and plaster. Dry rot is an even more serious condition than wet rot; it can attack any area of your property and even grow through walls into neighbouring properties. Hence, damp proofing your home will help to prevent both wet rot and dry rot.

Get rid of bad smell

Mould build-up is often caused by moisture and damp. If left untreated, this will turn into a problem which spreads around the home, creating a musty and dank atmosphere. You will experience an unpleasant smell around the house. One of the positive things about this is that with the right ventilation, the problem is often alleviated. It doesn’t cost a fortune to repair as long as the right damp proofing products are used and it is carried out by a qualified damp proofing expert


Preserve the appearance

By applying the proper damp proofing treatment on your space, you can have the chance to enhance its appearance. It’ll enable you to decorate properly. As you won’t be trying to paint or decorate over patches of damp, the work you do will last a lot longer and not crack, ripple or degrade with time. Over the long term, this will save you money on products, too.

Protects the value of your home

Damp is a persistent problem, and if not treated properly, it will be a reoccurring feature of your property. With the ideal damp proofing solution, boosting the value of your beloved property is absolutely possible. The people taking it on or the new homeowners will be more confident about the sale and move if they know damp issues have been dealt with professionally.

Bear in mind that your house must not only look good but should also be safe to live in. For such reason, a homeowner, such as yourself, should do everything you can to take care of it. One way for you to do this is through acquiring a damp proofing solution to prevent any structural damage in your property. And by doing so, you can enjoy the advantages listed above!

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